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Creative Button Animations with Sprites and JQuery

This tutorial will show you how to build creative hover animations for buttons using sprites. The particular effect illustrated in this tutorial is inspired by the “Download” buttons on Part 1 of this tutorial explains the design process in Photoshop. In Part 2 we will convert it to XHTML + CSS and as a […]


gmap3 is a jquery plugin which allows many manipulation of the google map API version 3.


Css3-like easings for jQuery animations.

Really Simple History (RSH)

Really Simple History is a lightweight JavaScript library for the management of bookmarking and browser history in Ajax/DHTML applications. RSH serializes application data in an internal JavaScript cache so that bookmarks and the back button can be used to return your application to an earlier state. This script works for Dojo, jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, YUI […]

digitarald SimpleTabs

Digitarald SimpleTabs is a small, simple and unobtrusive Tab plugin for MooTools including support for Ajax content. Overlays semantic XHTML markup with a tabbed interface without additional changes. Customise the style and behaviour by changing the simplified CSS or via various custom Events.


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